Everyone’s transition is unique and based on personal desires and medical/mental health needs. State law can also impact how you legally transition. The contents of this page may or may not apply to you.

Below is more information to assist you in finding providers and navigating the legal landscape in Nebraska. 

Legal Documents and Policies

In the State of Nebraska you can change your name and gender on different legal documents, these include: a driver’s license, and your birth certificate. You can also change your name and gender on a passport and social security card. For federal policies please visit this link to learn more about changing your passport and this link for social security.

Changing Your Name in the State of Nebraska:

    • You have to be a legal resident of the county in which you file your name change. Legal residency is established after living in a county for more than one year.
    • The first step you will need to take is to download the two name change documents from the State of Nebraska Judicial Branch website. You can find these forms here.
    • After completing all of the paperwork, you will need to file your name change with the county clerk. They will assign you a judge and give you the Bailiff’s phone number to call in order to schedule your court date. You will need the court date and case number when filing your name change with a public record (for example local newspaper). It is recommended to schedule the court date at least five weeks out from the date you call the Bailiff as your name change will need to be published for four consecutive weeks in the public record of your choice and then you’ll need to receive a clipping from that source that has been notarized to take with you to your court date.
    • On the day of your hearing, if you are representing yourself, please download these instructions for a name change hearing and take them with you.
    • After testifying before the judge, and your name change has been approved,  you’ll receive a court order which you’ll use to change your name on all of your documents.
    • Total cost can range from $160 to $300 if filing yourself, or $500 to $1000 if using a lawyer.

Changing your Name and Gender on your Driver’s License:

Once you receive a court order of legal name change, you can use that document to change your name on your driver’s license. If you would like to also change your gender on your driver’s license you will need your medical provider to complete this form from the DMV and submit it when applying for a new license. If an employee at the DMV states you cannot change your gender after handing them the completed form from your doctor then contact the ACLU of Nebraska to assist you in handling this with misinformation. 

Changing your Name and Gender with Social Security:

You can change your name and gender on your social security card by visiting the State of Nebraska Federal Office. You will need to supply your court order name change and documentation that your gender has been changed.

Changing your Name and Gender on your Birth Certificate:

Birth certificates have to be changed in the state that you were born. If you were born in the state of Nebraska, then you can amend both your name and gender on your birth certificate, however surgery is required to change the gender marker on this document. To amend your birth certificate you will need to visit the State’s Vital Records office and provide your court order name change as well as a notarized letter from your surgeon. If you seek to only amend your name on your birth certificate, you will only need your court order name change, but it should be noted when a name is changed on a birth certificate, they simply ex-out the old name and type the new name above it. 

Health Care Assistance

Please visit our About Us section and reach out to our members regarding areas you are seeking providers or referrals. We are happy to assist you in finding a provider or referral. Below are two articles that may also assist you.

Finding a Medical Provider:
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Finding a Mental Health Provider:

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